Healing Prices

horse healer worcestershire

Using reiki healing and mindfulness techniques we can help horses and pets to heal themselves in a natural way.

I can help your pets heal from emotional and physical issues through hands on reiki healing or, if you are not in the Worcestershire area, with distant reiki healing. Both are wonderful complementary healing therapies for pets and they work on any animal, from mice to cats and dogs to horses. We are all made of energy and contain much of the same genetic and physical makeup. Reiki is a natural therapy and can aid in promoting better health, recovery, peace, and deep relaxation. It is not a substitute for veterinary advice or medicine.

Hands on Pet Reiki

£30 per animal
I offer hands on reiki healing in the Pershore and Evesham area. To book a session, please fill out the form below and let me know your address. I can travel for hands on reiki but obviously have to charge for travel expenses.

Distant Reiki Sessions

£20 per animal
If you are further afield (or even in another country) you will find distant animal reiki the best option. The healing energies are not bound by distance so your pet will still benefit from this treatment method.

To enquire or book your pets reiki session please fill in this contact form and I will get back to you.




Thank you for booking a session, I really do look forward to helping your animals and watching them get better.