8 Inspiring Quotes about Animal Communication

Animal communication is one of the most incredible things us humans can do. The potential to change the world through talking to animals is huge. Just think how we can spread awareness about our animal friends awareness!

They are not dumb creatures without thought, feelings and emotions. Animals understand so much more than we think they do. Their hearts are more open than ours. They are more connected to spirit and an expanded consciousness state than most people can imagine.

Let’s look at some quotes about animal communication and reflect on the words. They are uplifting and inspiring in equal measure.


The easiest way to communicate with animals is through love.


Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.



I closed my eyes and spoke to you in a thousand silent ways.


If you have any other quotes about animal communication please post them in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this page to help spread awareness of how important communicating with animals is to us all.



The Reiki Journey Continues

sharing the reiki light

Just wanted to post a quick update to say I am happy to announce I am now a fully qualified Reiki Master! Or to be more precise, a level 3 Master Practitioner Shinpiden.

This is something I have been working towards for a few years now and I’m proud to say this weekend I completed my training and gained my level 3 reiki. I’ve loved every minute of the courses which is in part thanks to a very special reiki teacher who has a close lineage to Dr Usui.

After having learnt spiritual healing many years ago, reiki began calling me and since I began I realised this is the healing method that works best for me. So I began doing reiki just about every day, for family, pets, clients – even plants!

Monthly reiki shares have further developed the reiki practice and theory, enabling me to have a much deeper understanding of how reiki works and what it is.

The reiki Master weekend was full of energy which was very positive and powerful to experience. It also encouraged the attendance of several energetic beings which is always fascinating! You can feel cold patches in the room and a pressure in the air. The great thing is, they are there to lend support for the healing.

I’m looking forward to sharing the reiki light with animals and people all over the world. Please comment, especially if you practice reiki or have had a reiki treatment yourself!

Expanding the Reiki Vibe


Reiki is an energy-based system that restores balance to the patient.

As anyone who has been following this blog will already know, I specialise in offering reiki for animals, both domesticated and wild. This is something that I am passionate about and I look forward to every session I do. Recently, however, things have deviated a little and I am now expanding the reiki to other beings – specifically the human variety!

It seems that once you get your name out there and people begin to pass on your details for reiki, the reach becomes greater and there is more scope for reiki work. I was asked by a lady for some healing for herself and initially I wanted to say no as the animals were my priority. Continue reading

My Reiki Level 1 Weekend

reiki animal healing

Last weekend I enjoyed a thoroughly interesting time in Bromyard learning Reiki and getting 4 attunements to level 1. As I said in my previous post about healing animals with reiki, I have wanted to learn Reiki for a while now and the time finally came. By the end of the weekend I was well and truly zapped by all the energy work we did within the small group but I felt great!

There are now many different kinds of Reiki that people teach but I was keen to find a teacher who taught the traditional way as done by Mikao Usui all those years ago. Reiki Shiki Ryoho is a specific form of practice that allows the student to have contact with the energy of Reiki simply by laying on of hands in self treatment and treatment of others. I also wanted to find a teacher who had a close and direct lineage with Mikao Usui so I was really happy to find one in Lorraine Davis.

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The Healing Power of Horses

Some of you that have horses who have stopped to listen and just BE with their horse may well be aware of how your equines have the ability to heal us humans in a very unique way. I’m a firm believer we can heal animals and that all animals can be healers themselves. They have some way of tapping into the healing energies that surround us and directing it when it’s needed. This is a wonderful video that shows how horses can heal people in a very reiki kind of way.

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Using Reiki to Help Animals

using reiki to heal horses

Healing animals is a passion I have and it won’t go away!  You could say I’m stuck with it but the truth is I enjoy doing the healing so much I wish I could do it more often. Knowing that you have connected on a spiritual level with another being is very humbling, and by offering healing you know the animal will benefit from the session. Reiki for animals is something that I will be offering very shortly, to go hand in hand with my current healing modality.

Next month I will be learning the energy healing art of reiki. The workshop is being done by a lovely lady called Lorraine who lives in Bromyard which is not far from me. Lorraine is a reiki master and has been on the reiki council so she really is reiki through and through! This will give me reiki level 1 attunements that enable me to do self healing. It’s very important to be healthy and ensure your own emotions and energy state is balanced before giving any healing yourself. The next step is for level 2 which allows you to become a practitioner. Hopefully I will do that later in the year.

You may be wondering why I need or want to learn another healing method like reiki when I already do energy healing for animals. Reiki is very similar to the healing I do right now but it is perhaps a more mainstream and recognised system. And if it helps me improve the service I give to my clients then that’s got to be a good thing. I’m not one to get stuck in a routine and not learn new things and I think getting attuned to reiki will benefit the animals I work with which is the main goal. I may even adopt it as my primary healing method if it’s as good as people make out!

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Helping dogs with epilepsy

healing dogs with epilepsy

Unfortunately we still have medical conditions in this world that science has been unable to cure. One of these is epilepsy. I was unaware that not only does it affect humans, but animals too. After reading more into this condition I realised that, along with veterinary advice and medication, energy healing would be a wonderful additional way to help animals.

Epilepsy is found in all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs. Some breeds are more genetically prone to epileptic seizures than others, but it’s a sad fact than any dog can have a seizure and it can be quite unexpected. There are several types of epilepsy in dogs such as generalized seizure, partial seizures etc. with varying levels of effect on the dog.

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