My Reiki Level 1 Weekend

reiki animal healing

Last weekend I enjoyed a thoroughly interesting time in Bromyard learning Reiki and getting 4 attunements to level 1. As I said in my previous post about healing animals with reiki, I have wanted to learn Reiki for a while now and the time finally came. By the end of the weekend I was well and truly zapped by all the energy work we did within the small group but I felt great!

There are now many different kinds of Reiki that people teach but I was keen to find a teacher who taught the traditional way as done by Mikao Usui all those years ago. Reiki Shiki Ryoho is a specific form of practice that allows the student to have contact with the energy of Reiki simply by laying on of hands in self treatment and treatment of others. I also wanted to find a teacher who had a close and direct lineage with Mikao Usui so I was really happy to find one in Lorraine Davis.

Our group of would-be Reiki students spent the weekend learning about the history, principles and theory of this healing practice and mixed this up with some wonderful exercises that allowed us to experience and work with the Reiki energy (or universal energy). We were also given 4 attunements by Lorraine that reconnected us to the Reiki energies.

On the final day we were allowed to practice a Reiki treatment on each other which was a very interesting experience, something that is hard to describe. We all felt a lot of energy throughout the weekend and even when I was back home in the evenings I still felt a buzzing of energy in my body and head.

Now I will be practicing self healing with Reiki as much as possible – it’s recommended to do it every day for the first 21 days. I will also be working with the reiki energies on my family and two dogs, sending them healing to balance and nurture their mind body and soul. Then, fingers crossed, it will be level 2 Reiki in September which will give me a deeper understanding and connection to Reiki, and allow me to offer it to other people.

It’s early days but I’m finding the Reiki system of healing really good. There is a tangible feel of the flow of energy and the patients do report of feeling it too. I’ll let you know how my dogs get on with it, along with some horses I know who could benefit from a few reiki healing sessions.

mikao usui reiki healer

This is Mikao Usui, the japanese monk who brought Reiki healing to the world.



  1. Good luck with your healing. As a healer myself, and my daughter who is also a Reiki healer practitioner it is a powerful energy linking to the source..

    My son also had wonderful successes with the healing of animals..

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year.. and thank you for following my blog..

    Blessings Sue


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