The Healing Power of Horses

Some of you that have horses who have stopped to listen and just BE with their horse may well be aware of how your equines have the ability to heal us humans in a very unique way. I’m a firm believer we can heal animals and that all animals can be healers themselves. They have some way of tapping into the healing energies that surround us and directing it when it’s needed. This is a wonderful video that shows how horses can heal people in a very reiki kind of way.

Equinisity is 320 acre retreat based in British Columbia, Canada which has free roaming horses that have a special connection to humans. Liz Mitten Ryan runs the retreats and says that this herd of horses chose to be born into this work to help show the healing effects horses can have with humans. From my experience sending healing to horses I have found they often send healing back to me – it’s almost like a reciprocal thank you and it feels very unique and powerful.

Watching the video above you can see how close the horses get to the people, sometimes with their mouths actually touching the ladies faces. They stand close and the connection is very powerful. Doing the Trust Technique with horses brings that sacred space to you both too, enabling a shared connection of healing, and what could be called ‘loving light’. It’s a powerful healing that works on so many levels for both human and horse.

I do healing work for all kinds of animals for my clients and love every minute of it. There is something so sacred about opening up that therapeutic healing space and bathing in the light. I’m not one to describe things like this in silly new age terms but sometimes words like love and light are a perfect way to describe how healing works. It comes from the heart, promotes healing and offers peace.

If you have horses why not trying to connect with them on a deeper level? Just take a few minutes now and then to just be there with them. Don’t have any worries or fears, keep your daily life stresses away and just clear your mind. Once we reduce our thinking state we can connect with any animal. Horses are particularly open to this because they are so in tune with energies and emotions us humans radiate. Be peace. Be open. Be. You will find a whole new world opens up between you and your horse, and the healing will happen naturally – for both of you.

horses healing humans

The peace and healing that horses can show us is something everyone should be able to experience.



  1. Reblogged this on Lifelines and commented:
    I found this touching video on another animal healing blog, Healing Your Pets, and yes, I cried. These horses are not just standing around–they KNOW what they’re doing and that doing something sacred and loving for the humans. As author, Jason, writes, “Liz Mitten Ryan runs the retreats and says that this herd of horses chose to be born into this work to help show the healing effects horses can have with humans.” They ‘chose to be born into this work’!

    Having experienced the healing presence of horses first-hand, I am a believer! You can read about my experience here:


  2. HI Jason. I do agree that the healing feels reciprocal. I have been receiving this experience as I work with kinesiology for the horses and the moments of shared release are just extraordinary. Thanking you for your posts. Pete


  3. In my experience all animals have the power to heal us, to comfort, to inspire. It seems that some of us are drawn to a particular species who opens an animal heart to us. My experience with horses up until I met Buster was a bit skewed but my pleasure in his presence has shown me that it is time horses and I became friends!


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