Helping dogs with epilepsy

healing dogs with epilepsy

Unfortunately we still have medical conditions in this world that science has been unable to cure. One of these is epilepsy. I was unaware that not only does it affect humans, but animals too. After reading more into this condition I realised that, along with veterinary advice and medication, energy healing would be a wonderful additional way to help animals.

Epilepsy is found in all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs. Some breeds are more genetically prone to epileptic seizures than others, but it’s a sad fact than any dog can have a seizure and it can be quite unexpected. There are several types of epilepsy in dogs such as generalized seizure, partial seizures etc. with varying levels of effect on the dog.

It is very important to follow all instructions given to you by your vet to ensure your dog gets the best care possible. Dosages of medicine must be strictly adhered to because some can have adverse side effects if given wrongly. I have sent distant healing to dogs with epilepsy and the human carer has told me the dog showed a marked improvement in their general well-being. Of course healing won’t cure epilepsy, but what it can do is make it less severe and allow the dog to recover from the seizure more quickly. It should be used on a regular basis to ensure the dog has a balanced energy and healthy life, rather than just after the episode itself. That’s why I would recommend at least a monthly session of healing.

If your dog has epilepsy you can find plenty of research and guidance on specific websites, one of which is the canine epilepsy site that is run by a great team of people that have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. They even have an alternative/holistic page with various recommendations, with everything from reiki healing to acupuncture and dog massage.

The main thing is not to give up on your dog. They need your love and help more than ever. Take the advice from your vet but also research alternative therapies for your dog, to ensure you can provide them with a holistic approach to the epilepsy condition.


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