How I became an animal healer

I never thought when I was younger that I would work with animals, let alone become an animal healer. Like most young boys growing up in the 70’s I wanted to be an astronaut or stunt man! After all, most kids don’t have an understanding of animals at that age. Thankfully my parents always had dogs so there was always a connection with them, and growing up in the countryside offered plenty of wildlife to connect with, even if I wasn’t totally aware of it.

After school I found myself in the print trade, which then developed into me becoming a graphic designer. In fact I still am doing that but the animal healing is steadily taking up more of my time as I get people asking for sessions.

About 10 years ago I trained with the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) to learn energy healing. This was primarily for working with people not animals. Then over the years my love for animals seemed to develop as I became more aware of the spiritual side of life, thanks in part to my regular meditation practice.

Then I became aware of something called ‘animal communication’. This is basically where you learn to connect with animals in a telepathic way, by tuning into them on an energetic level. After training in this practice for a few years I began offering this as a service to pet owners and it has become quite popular.

This then led on to reviving my healing skills and turning the attention to animals. I studied with James French doing animal communication and also the Trust Technique which is a simple yet powerful healing method for working with animals that have behavioral and emotional problems. It’s a wonderful healing technique that brings an animal into a deep state of relaxation so they can heal themselves. That, along with traditional energy healing is an approach that works really well.

If you would like to book a healing session for your pet please visit this page.



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