reiki animal healing for pets in worcestershire

Reiki Energy Healing for Animals

My name is Jason and I live in Pershore, Worcestershire. For several years I have been offering energy healing and I now offer this for your pets in the local area.

How can you heal my pet?

Several years ago I learnt a form of energy healing and now I am a fully qualified Reiki Master. This technique involves transferring energy from hands to the animal. It can be done from a distance or next to the animal. By balancing your pets energy field we can help bring about emotional and physical harmony to allow the animal to heal.

I can help heal many animals and have worked with dogs, cats, horses, rats, mice and birds. We are all made of energy – everything is. Sometimes our energy fields can become depleted or unbalanced and that is where illness can occur.

As a Reiki Master in Worcestershire I must emphasize that energy healing is not meant to replace veterinary care – it is a complementary therapy for animals. There is no possible harmful side effects with healing, it can only help your pet, but please do use it alongside the care and advice your vet provides.

Hands on Healing in Worcestershire

Although distant healing can be done to pets anywhere in the world, if you would like me to give your pet hands on reiki healing I can do that in the Worcestershire area. If you live near Pershore or Evesham I am happy to visit you at your home to give the healing in person. Further afield will incur a cost for travel.

reiki horse healing worcester

I love working with horses, healing can be such a wonderful help to these beautiful creatures.